50 to 1 Is a Tested Team with a Winning Record 

Why Clients Choose Us

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, individuals, trade associations, non-profits, and advocacy organizations. Our clients trust us with their lobbying needs and choose us for our experience and sophisticated network of resources.

  • Our Experience – Our principals have decades of experience in lobbying, government affairs, issue advocacy, and campaign management.
  • Our 50 State Lobbying Network – We have a 50 state network comprised of thoroughly vetted and highly skilled professionals committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.
  • Our Comprehensive Suite of Services – We offer comprehensive services that include strategy, consulting, administrative support, and compliance monitoring.
  • Our Custom-Tailored Approach – We provide clients custom-tailored solutions that reflect each client’s specific goals, needs, and budget.
  • Our Efficiency and Ability to Scale – As a state of the art government affairs management firm, we offer unmatched efficiency, technology, compliance services, and speed. With our 50 state lobbying network, we can scale our services to meet the scope of our clients’ needs throughout the United States.

We Implement State Government Affairs Management Systems That Transform Advocacy

50 to 1 is a full-service state government affairs management firm. We provide comprehensive consulting services in the areas of government relations strategies and management. 

We offer state of the art management and team support services that allow companies and advocacy groups to focus on their mission instead of draining resources on costly and time consuming recruiting, contracting, accounting, reporting, vetting, and compliance. We limit legal exposure and lock down the highest quality resources available. 

Do you need to identify lobbyists in multiple states?

Do you need a grassroots effort at the local level?

Do you need to set up a non-profit to engage in advocacy?

Do you want to streamline your compliance?

Do you need to outsource contracts and payment of lobbyists to protect your company or allow your programs to move more quickly?

Do you need to consolidate management to save money or capture greater efficiencies?

Do you want to shift to a new model of outsourced management of your state lobbying teams?

Do you want to outsource your state lobbying registrations, reporting, accounting and deadlines tracking to avoid penalties and complaints?

50 to 1 is your answer. We take 50 state, multi-jurisdictional and multi-issue challenges and provide one solution. Our principals have decades of experience managing complex advocacy campaigns on legislative, regulatory, and procurement matters at the state and local level. Our critical differentiator is a sophisticated national network of experts on every policy issue. Whether you are focused on a single locality or need to launch a nationwide lobbying campaign, we have the expertise and resources necessary to succeed.


The 50to1 team is a great asset for clients looking to engage in winning campaigns in multiple states across the country.

- Mike McCarlie, Salt Strategies

Skip is the best and has an amazing network of contacts in all 50 states.  50to1 is a great resource when you need to develop and execute a well-thought-out strategic government affairs plan focused on achieving specific goals at the state and local levels of government.

- Dal Harper, Executive Managing Director, Carmen Group

50to1’s relationships run deep across multiple states giving clients a leg up in addressing any matter they face locally or nationally.

- Dean Florez, Former Senate Majority Leader, State of California

Skip’s leadership and insight have resulted in numerous wins for our clients. His team’s ability to provide a clear-cut strategic plan dampens the noise that often gets in the way of achieving important goals.

- Dean Florez, Former Senate Majority Leader, State of California