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Our Specialty Is Advancing Strategic Policy Objectives Across Multiple States

50 to 1 is an efficient way to out-source state government affairs management. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and major trade associations. For more than 20 years, our principals have managed the state lobbying needs of clients at every scale.

We are unique in our space, with the ability to move quickly with a nimble and creative approach when client’s reaction time in a crisis is short.

Clients value that speed and agility but choose us long-term for the advanced strategic approach focused on years-long policy planning and return on investment (ROI).

Our firm has close relationships with other lobbyists, public affairs strategists, and campaign experts throughout the country, and we leverage these relationships to our clients’ benefit in all 50 states.
We have significant experience designing and managing large regional and national campaigns, and we frequently help our clients with smaller lobbying efforts. We scale up or down our clients’ campaigns as necessary and work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure that we target solutions custom-tailored to their needs.


A Modern Approach to Lobbying, Advocacy, and Public Engagement

Why Fortune 500 Companies and Trade Associations Nationwide Choose Us

Our History

We have been well-known within lobbying circles for more than 20 years, and we have forged deep relationships with legislators, public officials, and other strategists and experts. In the lobbying sphere, relationships matter, and we have them in spades.

Our Modern Approach

While we have a long history of executing successful campaigns at the state and local levels, we are far from a traditional lobbying firm. On the contrary, we take a modern approach that combines conventional lobbying efforts with public engagement campaigns that support these efforts—both on the ground and online. We helped pioneer that process, and we know how to use it for our clients’ success.

Our Speed and Agility

We adhere to a nimble and results-driven approach. Clients need it to win, whether they need us to target a solution in a specific jurisdiction or task us to organize and manage a nationwide advocacy campaign. In every engagement, our goal is to achieve our client’s objectives as efficiently as possible.

Our Return on Investment

The focus on being nimble and efficient allows us to achieve substantial returns on our clients’ investments. At the outset of the process, we work closely with our clients to identify their goals and organize their budgets. Then we execute strategic campaigns that are specifically designed to maximize value for our clients.

A Custom-Tailored Approach to Full-Service Advocacy

How We Help Our Clients

We support the broadest scope of services – from companies or trade associations pursuing a first lobbying initiative or major corporations seeking to outsource ongoing nationwide advocacy; we offer a fully managed solution. Our record speaks for itself, and our long-standing relationships with many of our clients are a testament to the quality and efficacy of the services we provide.

This Includes Our
Core Services Of:

50 State Lobbying Network

50 State Lobbying Network

We have close working relationships with public affairs strategists and campaign experts in all 50 states. We have spent decades building and cultivating our 50-state lobbying network, and today, this network serves as a substantial asset to our clients. Whether you need to execute a campaign in one state, 10 states, or nationwide, we can provide the local presence required.

50 State Issue Monitoring and Reporting

50 State Issue Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor the issues that affect clients, or that have the potential to affect our clients, at the state and local levels. We offer 50-state issue monitoring services that we custom-tailor, and we report key developments.

Campaign Strategy & Consultant Management

Campaign Strategy & Consultant Management

Effective management is critical in executing campaign strategies. It is critical for keeping costs in check and for the success of the campaign as a whole. We have the team, resources, and capabilities required to effectively manage campaigns of all sizes and in every state across the country.

Lobbyist/Consultant Contracting and Payment Administration

Lobbyist/Consultant Contracting and Payment Administration

Structuring multiple lobbyists and consultants across the country along with management of their network of support, requires significant support of its own. We offer comprehensive contracting and payment administration services so our clients can remain focused on reaching their targets without taking on any additional burdens.

Issue Advocacy & Grassroots

Issue Advocacy & Grassroots

Unique issues call for unique advocacy solutions. Relying on our extensive experience advocating on behalf of companies and trade associations in an extremely broad range of industries, we develop and execute solutions designed to address our clients’ specific needs. This includes organizing grassroots advocacy campaigns nationwide.

State Lobbying Registration, Compliance and Reporting

State Lobbying Registration, Compliance and Reporting

Lobbying is a regulated practice, and companies and trade associations need to be able to trust that their lobbyists are complying with the law. We provide comprehensive state lobbying registration, compliance, and reporting services so that our clients never worry about regulatory violations compromising their legislative or policy objectives.

Stakeholder Relationship Mapping & Engagement

Stakeholder Relationship Mapping & Engagement


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