Our Issue Advocacy and Grassroots Services

Grassroots efforts drive successful state and local advocacy. We provide comprehensive issue advocacy and grassroots services for lobbying campaigns conducted by companies, non-profits, trade associations, and other clients seeking to effect change. 

Our issue advocacy and grassroots services include:

  • Recruiting, organization, and management of grassroots teams
  • Issue identification, branding, and messaging
  • Strategy consulting, execution, and management
  • Social media, online, and traditional media communications
  • Press strategy
  • Event planning and management
  • Coordination with non-profits and other outside groups, including set up of non-profits

Clarify and Amplify Your Message 

An effective grassroots campaign requires effective branding and positioning, intelligence gathering, and cooperation across multiple platforms. Activists engage when they believe they stand behind a worthy cause. We help frame the debate and move public opinion by recruiting respected local allies and constituents to weigh in with elected leaders, stakeholders, and the media.