We Make Sure Regulatory Requirements Do Not Compromise Our Clients’ Legislative or Policy Objectives

Working with lobbyists—or any outside consultants—inherently involves a certain amount of trust. But, as a company executive, trade association official, or in-house lawyer, it is imperative that you not misplace your trust or turn a blind eye when scrutiny is warranted. At 50 to 1 | 50 States 1 Solution, we make sure our clients’ lobbying relationships are not compromising their legislative or policy objectives through our comprehensive state lobbying registration, compliance, and reporting services. 

Don’t Let a Bad Lobbyist Compromise Your Company’s or Association’s Objectives or Jeopardize Its Reputation

The lobbying industry is heavily regulated at the state level – often requiring registration and ongoing reporting for both the lobbyist and the Principle/Client. Failure to register or keep up with the weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting structures that vary vastly across states can not only lead to trouble for lobbyists, but it can also lead to trouble for their clients.

We make sure this doesn’t happen.

At 50 to 1 | 50 States 1 Solution, we ensure adherence to the complex web of ever-changing registration and compliance requirements which are unique in every state.  We offer our full suite of services, including the following: 

  • Review compliance with state and local lobbying registration and reporting requirements, and advise on structure for compliance
  • Prepare and file any required registrations or reports for state or local lobbying compliance, and advise on method for gathering required information for those reports
  • Coordination with all consultants on activity to ensure reporting is in sync with your  filings
  • Advise on applicable gift rules to state and local officials as needed
  • Advise on other state and local lobbying questions as they arise

In addition we conduct comprehensive background checks on all lobbyists and consultants, including vetting social media for anything that may embarrass our clients and conflict checks.