Campaign Strategy & Consultant Management

We provide comprehensive consultant management services customized to your mission. Those services allow clients to develop and execute robust plans to: 

  • Launch lobbying, grassroots, and social media campaigns
  • Influence matters before the legislature, executive branch, and regulatory agencies 
  • Cultivate relationships with policymakers and elected officials necessary for long term engagement
  • Elevate brand and reputation with regulators and lawmakers
  • Sell companies’ services to state and local governments
  • Track budgets and expenses and administer payments to vendors
  • Ensure consultants deliver measurable returns on investment

Strategy, Development, and Execution

Reaching the right people with the right message requires a strategic approach, and, in today’s world, this means leveraging the available data to make informed decisions in real-time. We develop comprehensive strategic plans to tackle the challenges that our clients face before state and local governments.  

Well-constructed and well-managed advocacy positions your company, association, or non-profit for success. We work with clients to build out that long-term strategy and can do the following based on a client’s plan. 

  • Create state by state strategic plans prior to the beginning of each legislative season
  • Providing political muscle to beat back challenges to policy goals or business model
  • Access meetings with decision makers quickly and efficiently
  • Compile critical state specific intelligence
  • Prioritize goals and allocate responsibility among consultants

Management Solutions

Along with campaign strategy consulting, we also provide consultant management solutions for lobbying and issue advocacy campaigns. We help our clients demonstrate to their C-Suites the value and ROI of a lobbying and advocacy program by managing consultants to ensure measurable results are gained. 

Lobbying and Advocacy Campaigns 

We work closely with consultants to monitor and assess state level threats and work in advance of state legislative sessions. We support the lobbyists who can shift the administrative burdens to us and instead focus on the client’s mission. The goal is preparation throughout the year to create offensive opportunities or lock down winning defenses.

During legislative sessions, we actively manage each state campaign to ensure strategic plans are executed in support of the legislative agenda. Post legislative session, we provide clients an analysis of each consultant’s performance and make recommendations for moving forward.  

Procurement Lobbying Campaigns

Our goal-setting, communications and reporting approach will create operational transparency for your government affairs team and a thorough understanding of costs and consultant deliverables to create more effectiveness across the entire operation. We deliver ROI to your sales teams to: 

  • Ensure you have the right lobbyist in place with the relationships you need to create stronger partnerships with your targeted state and local agencies and departments
  • Create goals for each consultant that align with the business objectives of your sales team to fairly evaluate all consultants. This requires:
    • Work with the local sales team to determine consultant goals and plans aligned to local business objectives
    • Check of progress against goals each month during regular calls with consultants
    • Regular status updates coordinated with the sales team
    • Tracking goals achieved and sales delivered to measure return on investment
  • Report monthly on all consultant activities to include detailed information on all opportunities being explored, including pipeline activity, legislation of potential interest, intelligence on new business opportunities, recent procurement successes, and political insight on key executive branch decision makers
  • Semi-Annual performance evaluations of your lobbyists to ensure that progress towards goals is being achieved
  •  Full team integration and communication cadence with your sales teams and other departments (Gov’t Affairs, Marketing, C-Suite)

Contact Us to Learn More

What can we do for you? If you need support in launching a state advocacy campaign, need help managing or expanding a campaign, or need to reinvigorate a campaign that isn’t working, we invite you to get in touch. Call 703-969-2329 or contact us online to arrange an initial consultation.