We Handle Contract and Payment Administration So You Can Stay Focused on What Matters Most

When conducting lobbying or advocacy you must devote every waking moment to amplifying your message and ensuring that you are giving your organization the maximum opportunity to affect change. But, running a successful campaign involves much more than just focusing on the campaign itself. There are administrative matters to handle which can take time away from allowing you to focus on what’s most important.  

We handle the administrative aspects of campaign management for our clients. This includes handling all aspects of lobbyist and consultant contracting and payment administration. By outsourcing these tasks, not only can you ensure that they are handled correctly, but you can also ensure that you are devoting your time where it is most needed.

Our Contracting and Payment Administration Services for Campaigns, Companies, and Other Organizations

Our comprehensive contracting and payment administration services are designed to take the administrative burden off our clients’ shoulders. We handle lobbyist and consultant contract administration through the entire lifecycle of the relationship, from inception through expiration.

The services we provide in this area include the following:

  • Identification, Due Diligence, and Selection – We can help you identify lobbyists and consultants who have the credentials required to assist your campaign, company, or organization. We conduct background checks and thorough due diligence, and we can help you choose the individuals who are the best fit for your needs.
  • Contract Negotiation – We negotiate all aspects of our clients’ lobbyist and consultant contracts to ensure they have the protection they need. We also use our experience to ensure that our clients pay fees that align with geographical and industry standards.  
  • Contract Administration – Many of our clients prefer for their lobbyists and consultants to contract with 50 to 1 on behalf of their company.  This means that 50 to 1 handles all payment matters including retainers and expenses. 
  • Payment Administration – We offer comprehensive payment administration services that ensure our clients pay the right amounts when they are due. We also manage invoices and all other pertinent contract-related documentation for our clients.
  • Payment Audits and Contract Compliance Reviews – We conduct payment audits and contract compliance reviews to ensure that our clients’ lobbyists and consultants meet their contractual obligations on our clients’ agreed terms.
  • Winding Up Contractual Relationships – When our clients’ relationships with lobbyists and consultants end, we ensure that our clients have the intellectual property, data, reports, and other assets to which they are contractually entitled.