Let Us Match You with the Lobbyists You Need     

We connect clients with the most powerful advocates and advocacy tools necessary to achieve their goals. Our principals have a deep knowledge of the most qualified consultants available in every state and understand who the most effective subject matter experts are. We save clients time and money by managing the process of hiring and onboarding those teams.

Success often requires a quick process to identify lobbyists and an efficient execution of plans in a compressed time frame. We leverage an expansive 50 state lobbying network to identify the highest quality consultants available and manage that process, regardless of how large or small the scale may be.

About Our 50 State Lobbying Network

We have spent decades cultivating a network of relationships in all 50 states with consultants of every background and political affiliation. We will guide you to the consultants best suited for your projects. 

Every client’s government affairs needs are unique. In designing the best strategy to influence state legislatures, executive branch officials, and state regulators, it is critical to have intelligence on the lobbyists and their expertise. That includes in-depth consideration of their background, relationships, compatibility with your team and status of potential conflicts. We do careful research when identifying the right lobbyist and thoroughly vet each consultant. That includes a comprehensive background check, examination of social media activity, and review of general media history to ensure that no lobbying relationship will undermine a client’s success. 

Depending on how much our client’s want to be involved in choosing the right lobbyist, we provide recommendations and create an interview process for all members of your team. The decision of who to hire is always yours – it’s our job to make sure we present you with the best resources. 

Managing Your Lobbyists and Consultants 

Our Team Members Can Manage the Lobbying and Advocacy Campaign – While you will have direct access to the lobbyists, strategists, and consultants working on your behalf, our team members can manage the lobbying program in all states to ensure ROI is delivered and goals are met.  Click here to learn more about our campaign management services. 

Let Us Handle the Administrative Work

When you choose 50 to 1: 

  • We handle the Contract Negotiation and Scope of Services – We manage the process of negotiating fees, designing the scope of services, and handle execution of the agreements.  
  • We Take Care of Payments and Expenses – Many of our clients prefer the lobbyists to contract with 50 To 1 on their behalf then outsource to us payment of monthly retainers and tracking of expenses.  
  • We Oversee all State Lobbying Registration, Compliance and Reporting – Our team of campaign and compliance lawyers makes certain that there is no legal exposure for any client in the execution of their state advocacy programs, including no violation of reporting or ethics rules.
  • We Help You Scale Up or Scale Down As Necessary – As your company or organization’s lobbying needs change, we can help you scale up or scale down as necessary. We can do this quickly to ensure that your campaign remains focused and on budget.
  • You Will Have a Coordinated and Highly Skilled Team on Your Side – Regardless of the scope of your organization’s lobbying needs, we ensure that you have the quality consultants with the necessary tools you need to succeed.