Jill Holtzman Vogel, Founder and Managing Principal of 50 to 1, is known for her specialization in ethics, lobbying, tax-exempt groups, and campaign finance law. For more than 25 years, Jill has guided state lobbying programs, established the organizations necessary for successful grassroots campaigns, and managed the legal and ethics compliance for the lobbyists, corporations, and donors involved. Her network of advocacy groups, lobbyists, and policy talent is critical for clients who have to succeed and have a zero tolerance for legal exposure.

Jill previously held the position of Chief Counsel of Republican National Committee, where she led the national party’s legal effort during the 2004 Presidential election. She also served as Deputy Counsel at the Department of Energy, working with the White House, the Energy Secretary, and other Federal Agencies to implement Energy initiatives. She also oversaw a comprehensive review of energy regulations. Jill previously held the position of Deputy Counsel at the Republican 

National Committee, where she handled state and federal election law and party rules matters. Following the 2000 election, Jill represented the Bush-Cheney campaign as counsel in West Palm Beach and Osceola County during the Florida Presidential Recount. Additionally, she served as staff counsel for the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego, California.

Jill is a retiring Virginia legislator after almost two decades of service in the State Senate.

Jill received her B.A. in Government and Religion from the College of William and Mary, and her J.D. from DePaul University School of Law.